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30 x 30 Challenge - Outfit 1 - Gray Moto Jacket - White Tee - Denim Skirt - Orange Beaded Necklace - Skinny Belt

Color Palette - Clothes We Wear - Navy Gray Orange Cream

Gray Moto Jacket – Marshall’s
Off White Tee – F21
Denim Skirt – bdg, thrifted
Wedges – Nine West
Orange Beaded Necklace and Bracelet – Cost Plus
Blue Skinny Belt – Vintage, thrifted

30 x 30 Challenge - Outfit 1 - Gray Moto Jacket - White Tee - Denim Skirt - Orange Beaded Necklace - Skinny Belt

Clothes We Wear - Hairstyle - Twisted Bun Up-Do

Clothes We Wear - Hairstyle - Twisted Bun Up-Do

This week, I’m starting the 30 for 30 Summer Challenge spearheaded by Kendi of Kendi Everyday. If you found my blog from the Remixers List, welcome! If you’re already one of my readers, it’s too late to sign up on Kendi’s list, but you can participate too. We can help each other out. I’d love to hear from you and see what you’re wearing. Leave me a comment.

The idea is to remix up to 30 items in your closet (tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes) for 30 days. Or pick any number you want. There are no rules, except to challenge yourself to be creative with what you already own and if you decide not to shop during this time, you’ll save money, too!

In my previous posts, I show you simple ways to re-style looks to go from work-to-play and I’ll continue to do that because it’s part of my daily routine being both a professional and mommy. For my swapped looks, I’m allowing items not in my 30 for 30. I only have enough brain space for one challenge, thank you. Seriously, something happens to your brain once you become a mom. My perception and reflexes are super heightened, but my memory has gone to schnikes.

30 for 30 Outfit No. 01: Everyone’s first outfit is usually pretty basic. I spent time styling hair instead and left little time to dream up a unique outfit. Besides, it’s Monday! It’s fun to balance a simple look with fancy hair. I’ve not worn it like this before, two to three twists on the side held in place with a large clip in the back. Left some hair  to wisp out in places for a less formal look. I like it! What do you think? Below is my casual look with a cardigan and leather flats.

American Eagle Gray Cardigan - Gap Summer Scarf - Denim Skirt Urban Outfitters - Marc Fischer Leather Shoes

Gray Cardigan – American Eagle
Light Summer Scarf – Gap
Leather Cut-Out Flats – Marc Fisher, Macy’s (old)