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Black Vest - Cream Silk Sleeveless Top - Rolled Jeans - BCBG Heels - Snakeskin Oversized Clutch - Vintage Turquoise Necklace

Black Vest – thrifted, Ann Taylor, $1
Cream Silk Sleeveless Top – thrifted, August Silk, $3
Rolled Jeans – Seven, thrifted $5
Cognac Heels – BCBG (old)
Snakeskin Oversized Clutch/Portfolio – thrifted
Turquoise Necklace – vintage, street market $6
Earrings – Target (recent)
Silver Bracelets – F21 (old)

Black Vest - Cream Silk Sleeveless Top - Rolled Jeans - Vintage Turquoise Necklace

Coastal Bound: Oregon Coast - Rockaway Beach - Waves

Still chasing after summer days. To avoid melting into puddles of blobs. We made a bee-line
to the Oregon Coast and escaped mid 90’s heat wave. It was a glorious long weekend enjoying
the coastal breeze, chowing down on camp foods, ice cream and salt water taffy.

The Oregon Coast, is a magical place and truly astounding. It’s only a couple hours drive to the
Coast, yet the Hubs and I have never taken our son. Super lame. Considering how much our
guy loves playing with sand. The beach is one ginormous sand-box! He went completely
nuts. I do think 2 years old is the perfect time to take a child to the beach because he
completely understood the concept and there is so much to explore. I’ll share more photos
this week of our adventures. One thing you ought to know about the Pacific Coast is that
the water is very cold (it comes down from the North/Alaska). The only way to stand the
temperature is to wear wet suits. It’s very different from my childhood, growing up in Texas,
swimming in the warm ocean of the Gulf of Mexico.

Inspired by the coastal hues, I put together this outfit for a day of work prior to leaving on
our mini-vacation.

Cream Silk Sleeveless Top - Rolled Jeans - BCBG Heels - Vintage Turquoise Necklace

I’ve remixed this silk top a few times the past couple weeks, but no photos. When times
get busy, I love pieces that can be worn in different ways. I’m trying to remember how much
I enjoy outfits that require minimal effort. So comfortable, yet pulled together. What have
you been wearing over an over again because it’s easy?

Cream Silk Sleeveless Top - Rolled Jeans - Vintage Turquoise NecklaceCream Silk Sleeveless Top - Rolled Jeans - Vintage Turquoise Necklace 

The turquoise necklace is another one that I pulled out of the depths of my jewelry boxes
and have incorporated it into everything I’m wearing lately. I bought it some time ago at a
street market vendor and used to wear it a lot, but when we moved a year ago, it ended up
in a box. A few weeks ago, I pulled out all of my old favorites and they’re now hanging in
the open to be loved again.

P.S. Aren’t you proud of me for not going nautical themed?

(faux) Snakeskin Oversized Clutch / Portfolio - Vintage Turquoise Necklace - Tierred Circle Earrings Target

Oregon Coast - Rockaway Beach - Evening Sunset

Last seen wearing: Black & White // Coastal Attire // Cognac Heels

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