Pegs in Bell Curve Display at OMSI

Make Awk & Awe.
I finally got around to keeping track of my awkward and awesome to link up with Sydney at The Daybook. Here’s to
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Leaving a comment on a friend’s pregnant Facebook photo about how great she looks with second child on the way, only to realize seconds later, that it’s an old photo–and her dog just died–which is why she posted the photo. Immediately deleting the comment, hoping she didn’t see it and then sending my condolences. (We don’t live in the same city and I only see her once or twice a year). So. mortifying. Curse. You. Facebook.

Screaming at Little C to “STOP!” as he’s running into the parking lot, where a car is approaching and dropping a bag of groceries on the ground, to run after him. Yelling at the top of my lungs, in a blurred daze, can’t even recall if any profanities were said or what was said for that matter. Few hazy minutes later, going back to the pile, where a six-pack of beers and a few oranges have rolled out of the bag. C is crying hysterically and I’m fuming. People are staring at us, probably thinking I’m a bad mother. I’m now considering a baby leash.

Baby leashes.

Giving hugs to tall people (which is pretty much everyone in my life) and ending up with my face in their pits. And in trying to avoid this conundrum, I end up with a mouthful of hair, instead.

Reaching out to shake a business Client’s hand only to find his grip is weak (and clammy). My dad taught me at a young age to make eye-contact and have a strong handshake. First impressions are lasting.

Having my business credit card replaced not once, not twice, but three times in a matter of one month. The first time, it was due to Fraudulent activity. 4 days later, the replacement card has not arrived via Fed Ex. The company cancels the card and reissues a new one. 10 days later, it arrives and I lose it in a matter of a few hours. Pretty sure it fell out of my lap, as I exited the car, while running errands. I don’t realize it’s missing until I’m home and immediately call to report it lost. The operator is confused, as asks me to clarify. “Are you reporting it stolen?” “No, it is lost.” Okay, do you know where it is?” “Uh, no, if I did, I wouldn’t be calling.” “So, do you want to place a temporary hold on it?” “No, I’m pretty sure it’s on a sidewalk or lying in a ditch downtown.” I fumble to tell her what I think happened. Silence. “Um, yeah. Space cadet. That’s me,” and make a lame attempt to blame it on the heat. She chuckles and we start talking about the weather. Diversion–a c c o m p l i s h e d.

View from Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood

We have many friends who are having babies (firsts and seconds) this Spring. So happy for them!

Attending a celebration of life for a family friend who passed away recently. It was a good party at the top of Mount Hood, approximately 5,600+ feet up above the city. Reminiscing about how our friend, an incredibly talented musician, played his accordion and sang tunes by request at our wedding “after-party”, while we sat around a bon fire and roasted marshmallows for s’mores.

Going home afterwards and creating a fire in our old-school Weber grill to make s’mores with campfire sized ‘mallows in our backyard.

Eating the gooey, chocolate, graham cracker goodness. Do you see a pattern here?

Husband taking the kiddo out for the afternoon so that I can have time to myself. I hop over to a neighborhood thrift store and finding a few items on my wanted list and they all happen to be the 50% off tag color. Thank you Husband. You. are. the. best.

Little C calling me while I’m out to say, “missing you, Mommy“.

Finding out my dad (who has been in Iraq for 5 years as an Electrical Engineer contractor) is flying back to the states for several days to help my youngest brother move to college. I’ve not seen my dad since last Christmas holiday. He’s flying into San Jose and we are gonna road trip it down to California to visit my family. Little C’s first, which makes me realize the last time we drove a long distance was about 5 years ago. Can’t wait! Already coming up with play lists and thinking about what to pack.

My youngest brother (we are 14 years apart) is starting college in a few weeks. I remember when he was born and changing his diapers. I’m so proud of him.

Pretending to be under a tent with Little C, eating cake and sipping on lemonade, hiding from grizzly bears, having a dance party and C finding a hundred (imaginary) dollars. His idea. I. love. my. life.

Little C successfully pees standing up (with minor splashing).

Two posts in one day on this here blog o’ mine. Check out my latest outfit–super-sized.

Feeling the crisp, cool September air and suddenly overcome with excitement that Fall is right around the corner. Forget you, Summer. We’re through. It’s not you, it’s me.