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Striped Blouse - Mustard Yellow Pencil Skirt - Denim Safari Jacket - Fedora - Sandals

Striped Blouse – thrifted
Mustard Yellow Pencil Skirt – vintage Ann Taylor, thrifted
Denim Safari Jacket – J. Crew, thrifted (via Buffalo Exchange)
Gray Leather Belt – thrifted

Straw Fedora – American Eagle Outfitters (recent)
Sandals – JCPenny’s (old)
Floating Bookshelves – Wine Crates collected since 2003; they have survived 4 apartments and 2 cities in 8 years

Striped Blouse - Mustard Yellow Pencil Skirt - Denim Safari Jacket - Fedora - Sandals

Striped Blouse - Mustard Yellow Pencil Skirt - Knotted Gray Leather Belt

Striped Blouse - Mustard Yellow Pencil Skirt - Denim Safari Jacket - Fedora - Sandals

And then… there was no follow-up outfit to my last beach post. The photos did not turn out well. I only took a couple
when we were in the forest and under a canopy of dark trees, I look like Sasquatch. It will give you nightmares so
consider this a community service. You’re welcome.

Instead, I give you new outfit photos and a glimpse into my home! Win, win, right? These were taken sans tripod, since
I left it at the beach house (which is one reason for lack of outfit posts). The tripod has made me lazy, ya’ll. Takes more
time to figure out the best way to prop up the camera, than to stick it on a tripod and adjust the height! I finally got fed
up with my laziness and propped the camera on a side table next to the couch and I kind of like the results.

This shirt gets worn a lot, yet has never made an appearance on the blog. My latest color obsession is all shades of
yellow (especially mustard). I’ve been pinning a lot of it on Pinterest: here. Out with my blue phase and in with another
primary color. What’s next? Red? I pulled this mustard pencil skirt out of the depths of my closet and worn in this playful combination, I feel like taking your fast food order at McDonald’s. Only it would be the most stylish McD’s you’ve ever
been to. Would you like to Super Size that?

I’ll leave you with more photos from our trip to the Coast, taken at the Tillamook Forest Center, which is halfway
between Portland and the beach. It’s a beautiful location with tons of wild berry bushes for picking. The museum,
suspension bridge and look-out tower are amazingly designed.

Tillamook Forest Center - Son - Running on BridgeSunlit Tree Canopy

(Left) Little C running on the bridge, with suspension wire detail. (Right) Sunlit tree canopy.

Tilamook Sate Forest - Picking Wild Berries

Picking and eating wild berries; elderberries, huckleberries, blackberries and thimbleberries can all be found in the
Tillamook State Forest.

Tillamook State Forest - Little C Throwing River Rocks

Tillamook State Forest - Flowers - Self-Portrait

This photo of half my face was an accidental click, but I like how it turned out. As a teen, I didn’t like my chin much
because I thought it was huge, like Jay Leno’s chin–no idea why. I was a painfully awkward young person.

Tillamook Forest Center Exhibit - Cabin

Tillamook Forest Center Exhibit

The museum has a neat exhibit display with drawers (at both adult and kid level), each one containing a mini-exhibit.
C is looking at one about the berries we picked prior to going inside. Elderberries and Thimbleberries!

Tillamook Forest Center - Look-Out Tower

The look-out tower.

Tillamook Forest Center - Look-Out Tower - Little C

Tillamook Forest Center

(Below) Is the view from look-out tower.

Tillamook State Forest - View from Look-Out Tower

P.S. The post title references a line from the comedy, Dude, Where’s My Car?, starring Ashton Kutcher, which
Hubs and I quote lines from the memorable Chinese take-out scene: <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7luMp6lb9M”>SEE HERE</a>.