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mustard yellow and hunter green - 70s - falltweed, gray and rusty red - menswear - fallleopard & teal - edgy - fall

sources: Stockholm Streetstyle, Marie Claire UK, purse ‘n boots

My external hard-drive decided to go on an extended lunch, perhaps out of jealously, taking with her, my livelihood. I returned home after a road trip, taunting her with images of our travels. A reminder that while we were away, she was alone, in a dark, silent room. Don’t be fooled by her petite, 4″ x 8″ frame. She packs a mean punch. To apologize for my wrong doing, I sent HD to the repair shop spa. She needed a vacation, too.

And while I wait for the pulse to return to my body, and to make up for the lack of outfit posts, I’m starting a new blog feature called “It’s Friday, I’m In Love“. An opportunity to share with you my latest style crush obsessions.

This Friday, I’m in Love with rich, earthy and jewel tones.