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Mustard Yellow Corduroy Jacket - Floral Silk Blouse - Skinny Jeans - Fall Boots

Corduroy Jacket – Gap 1969 (via Buffalo Exchange)
Silk Floral Blouse – Anthropologie (last worn, here)
Skinny Jeans – Thrifted
Boots – Aldo
Black Floppy Hat – Thrifted, Vintage (last worn, here)
Heart Pendant – Thrifted, Vintage ($10)
Silver Cuff Bracelet – Thrifted

Mustard Yellow Corduroy Jacket - Floral Silk Blouse - Skinny Jeans - Fall Boots

Vintage Heart Pendant - Gold Inlay - Birds - Floral

For my birthday on Sunday, I bought myself a heart of gold–or rather, a vintage, heart
pendant with gold inlay of two love birds. Isn’t it wonderful? I saw it and had to have it.
The $10 price also made me happy. Speaking of love birds and happiness, this Friday
marks a wonderful five-year marriage to the Hubs. Making this pendant even more special,
minus the fact that it’s a gift from Me to Me. Maybe 50 years from now, when I’m 83, I’ll
we sipping ice tea on the front porch with the equally old Mister, reminiscing about our
young, carefree days and remembering the lovely heart pendant that he got me for my
thirty-third birthday as being a favorite gift. Thank you, Dear Husband.

The bright blue and yellow color combination was inspired by the below images from my
pinterest. The first look is my favorite. It’s been permanently burned to my eyeballs since
I first saw it at the beginning of summer and I intend to recreate the look someday.
A mustard jacket has been on my list for some time and this one hasn’t left my body for
weeks. It was bought with the store credit that I earned last month from Buffalo Exchange.
I’ll be getting a lot of wear out from it this fall and next spring/summer.

Wayne Tippetts - Blue Denim Top - Yellow Skirt    Who What Wear - Blue Blouse - Yellow Pants    Sterling Style - Black Polka Dotted Blouse - Blue Shorts - Yellow Handbag

Yesterday was a lovely, relaxing day with my family. After having been hit with mid-90’s
and 80’s temperatures for the past couple weeks, a rainy, fall day was most welcome. I’ve
been dying to wear boots and finally got the chance. Sunday was the last installment of
the Portland Sunday Parkways event, where they close off about 40 blocks to vehicle traffic
encouraging folks to walk, run and bicycle. They had one each month of the summer.
See what I wore to the last Parkways outing, here. We split an amazing $6, baked-to-order
mac and cheese from a small take-out window spot called Baked! for lunch. Did our walk,
stopped at the park to let the monkey run wild and ducked under trees in between showers.
After a nap, we chowed down on a couple, petits fours (miniature cakes) that the sweet
Hubs picked up from a new pastry shop called Alder Pastry and Dessert. I was expecting
them to be rich and super sweet, but instead, they were light and melt-your-mouth.
Not only are the desserts beautiful, the to-go box is equally beautiful and opens like a
flower. The whole presentation is thoughtful and well-considered.

Alder Pastry and Dessert petits fours

C with cake box from Alder Pastry and Dessert

Open cake box from Alder Pastry and Dessert - beautiful packaging

What's in the bag?

33rd birthday gift

I was all smiles upon finding a new camera lens filter from the Mister, which he cleverly
disguised in a large, recycled gift bag. We finished the night with a sushi dinner and
watched the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Sci-Fi, Running Man. It’s chock full of awesome
one-liners and 80’s special effects. So bad, it’s good. I couldn’t ask for a better day and
hope that you all got to eat cake this weekend, too!

Last seen wearing: mustard yellow // blue // boots