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Three Ways to Style Polka Dotted Blouse and Black Vest - Look No. 1 - Knotted

(1) Polka Dotted Blouse – Thrifted, Vest – gift, Tweed Dress (as skirt) – Ross (old)
Striped Knee Socks – Target
, Gray Tights – Target, Diamond Studs – F21
Saddle Shoes – Ebonics (golf), Thrifted (new w. tags)

(2) Glasses – Hugo Boss (prescription); White on the sides and clear in front

Boots – Aldo

(3) Belt and Coral Ring – H&M, Heart Pendant and Bracelets – Thrifted, Vintage

Three Ways to Style Polka Dotted Blouse and Black Vest - Look No. 2 - Vest Buttoned

Three Ways to Style Polka Dotted Blouse and Black Vest - Look No. 3 - Casual

I changed my look three times yesterday. My mood was all over the place throughout
the morning and could not decide between (1) funky, (2) classic or (3) casual. My head
was also spinning in regards to wearing hair up or down. In the end, casual won, as
this look felt most like me. After a bright and colorful birthday outfit, I did the opposite
and went black and gray with pop of reds and oranges. The vest is one of many items
of clothing I inherited from my aunt’s closet (while visiting family in the Bay Area).
Never turn down free clothes. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a remix post so you all
benefit from my manic morning!

(1) Zero cup of coffee; the knotted blouse seemed to add bulk to my mid-section

(2) One cup of coffee; buttoning the vest created a corset feeling and nearly killed me
as I couldn’t breathe (my aunt is a tiny woman); this look is reminiscent of my early
undergrad days where black was worn every. single. day. with hardly any color (I was
a very serious, pre-med student)

(3) Three + cups of coffee; well caffeinated and carefree; loose layers are comfy
and a splash of color had me feeling creative

Conclusion: Do not get dressed before morning coffee.

Little C with Stick - Plaid Jacket and Jeans

In the evening, Little C and I went exploring the neighborhood for fall treasures. He
found a stick and I found this heart-shaped leaf. Win, win.

Heart Shaped Leaf - Fall

Last seen wearing: black vest // polka dots // orange