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Fall Outfit - Gingham Shorts - Black Tights - Booties - Floral Top - Gray Cardigan

Gray Cardigan – American Eagle, Thrifted
Gingham Shorts – The Loft, Thrifted
Opaque Black Tights – Target
Floral Top – Marshall’s
Booties – Madden Girl, Marshall’s
Earrings – Target, Necklaces – Thrifted

Fall Outfit - Gingham Shorts - Black Tights - Booties - Floral Top - Gray Cardigan

Today is Halloween! Little C and I are gearing up and excited for trick o’ treatin’
tonight. If we’re lucky the rain will hold off, if not, no biggie. We just won’t be
out for long. In short, either way, it will be loads fun and we’ll be noshing on
sweets until we pass out from the sugar high. Don’t fret, as any good parent
would do, I’m hoarding the candy all for myself, in order to limit the boy’s sugar
intake. Oh, the sacrifices I make as a mama! Can’t wait to show you photos of
our costumes. C is Clark Kent – Superman and I’m dressing as Mexican folk painter,
Frida Kahlo.

These outfit photos are from end of May, during my in-between hair phase that
drove me crazy. I remember constantly threatening to chop it off again. So glad
that I persevered because now I’m at a happy place.  For this reason, I’m sure
it’s why I never posted. It was also the first time I had worn the shorts and tights
look and wasn’t sold on it. After seeing these photos again, I will retry with
different items and a chunkier, oversized cardigan for Fall. What do you think
of this look? Have you tried it
before and how do you make it work?

P.S. My hard-drive finally made it back from the spa after 5 weeks away, 100%
of my data was recovered. Although my pockets are much, much, lighter today,
words really can’t express how happy I am to have it back! What. a. relief.

Last Seen Wearing:
Gingham Shorts / Gray Cardigan