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Halloween Costume - Frida Kahlo - Flower Headband - Gold and Bead Accessories - Vintage

Frida Kahlo Costume:
Maxi Skirt, Cardigan, Bead and Gold Accessories – already owned (Vintage, Marshall’s, World Market, F21)
Flower Headband – Self-Made from Thrifted flowers, $1

Clark Kent / Superman Costume:
Nerd Glasses, White Shirt, Tee-Shirt, Navy Pants, Sneakers – already owned (F21, Gap, Old Navy, Target)
Oversized Tie, Cape, Sports Jacket – Thrifted $6 all

Halloween Costume - Superman - Clark Kent - Vintage and Thrift

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful Halloween!

Last night, Little C took in a good haul of sweets for Mama and Pops. Did you know that cuteness is a
superpower? Every year I look forward to coming up with creative, low-budget costume ideas with stuff we
already own. Between the two of us, we spent a total of $7 on thrifted additions. For C’s Clark Kent-Superman
costume, I found a vintage clip-on tie to which I added wire to make it appear like it’s flying behind him, as
he rushes off to save all of humanity. Most impressive was that our munchkin, stayed in character the whole
evening, holding open his shirt to reveal the Superman emblem for photos. Gotta love his commitment! See
my inspiration image for his costume on pinterest.

Originally, I planned to do a couples’ costume with the Hubby–Bonnie and Clyde, but the party we were
going to attend was cancelled, and well, Bonnie makes no sense without Clyde. What are peas without carrots?
Hubby didn’t want to dress up for trick o’ treating, so I had to come up with a last-minute costume and
decided to dress as one of my favorite painters, Frida Kahlo. It all started around the red crepe, maxi skirt
and this inspiration image, here. The only thing I didn’t have, was a floral headpiece. Two thrifted 50 cent
flower bunches, a hot glue gun, my own headband and 10 minutes later, Frida was complete! I haven’t used
a hot glue gun for years and it was so much fun–I wanted to hot glue everything in sight! The detached button
on my winter coat? How about the knob on the dresser? The broken wheel on Little C’s toy train? There are so
many projects that could benefit from hot glue.

The Hubby put an end to the madness when I considered gluing Little C to his chair. Oops.

Halloween Costume - Frida Kahlo - Superman - Clark Kent - Homemade

Halloween Costume - Superman - Clark Kent - Vintage and Thrift

Halloween Costume - Superman - Clark Kent - Vintage and Thrift

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