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I think you probably know that when I go missing from the blog, it’s because things are busy and it’s only going to continue to snowball, as we approach the holidays. It’s my sincere wish to post more often, but at the present, I’m making my graphic design business and family priorities. The only thing I can realistically manage until the new year is one post a week. Just wanted to put it out there. Again, I always love hearing from you and will continue reading your blogs because, well, a girl needs daily blog breaks and inspiration.

Since I’ll only post once a week for a little while, I want them to have more impact. So the focus for the remaining 7 weeks of the year (eek), will be a series called Anatomy of Clothes. At the moment, this means breaking down my outfits from the basic look and showing you how I layer to make my closet more exciting to wear. There are little details that perhaps aren’t obvious just by looking at photos. Please, let me know if you find this informative and what else I can talk about. Your questions will help me come up with ideas for future posts! Shall, we begin?

Fall Winter Outfit - Khaki Shirt Dress - Ankle Lace Up Boots - Loose Knit Sweater - Colored Tights
Layer 1: My basic outfit is a summer, shirt dress. One of my favorite things to do is to layer clothing in a similar color family. For this look, I worked with neutral tones: khaki, gray and gold. If you’re not into layering, then the simplest way to jazz up any basic look is to add tights and accessorize. A bright royal blue necklace lends just the right pop of color. Here, I’m wearing my current favorite combination of bracelets and also stacked two rings.

Fall Winter Outfit - Khaki Shirt Dress - Ankle Lace Up Boots - Loose Knit Sweater - Colored Tights
Layer 2: To take my summer dress into cold weather, I added a loose knit sweater. This lightweight piece adds texture and pattern to my look without adding bulk. To define my waist, I wore a belt and also created a cropped look with a tulip hemline (or peplum), which is on trend. This is done by pulling one half of the sweater, over the belt (maybe the photos below help). Cute, right? Changes the look of my sweater completely and is much more flattering, not to mention, funn-er. Yes, I just typed that. You know what else is fun? Making wierd-o faces.

Use a belt to create a tulip hemline and define waist
P.S. I really like my hair. Teased the crap out of it to get volume at the crown and with lots of bobbies and spray, it held up all day. Hoo-ray!

Layer 3: I see the outerwear as another opportunity for layering. For me, this was a sheer cardigan in the summer, during the fall, a blazer and coats for winter! I wore this military green one in my last post, a Drowning Rat. It works with the monochromatic color scheme of this outfit. It’s also a light material and somewhat water-resistant–great for rainy days.

Before I left the house, I decided that more color needed to be in my day, since we’ve been having incredibly stormy days lately. Bright blue did just the trick!

What are little tricks that you do to make dressing more interesting? Please do share!

Khaki Shirt Dress – Thrifted $4
Loose Knit Sweater – Old Navy, $3.50 Clearance
Tights – (gray) Hue, Nordstrom Rack (blue) Target
Lace Up Boots – Thrifted (new w. tags) $6
Green Coat – Thrifted $8
Jewelry – all Thrifted, some Vintage


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