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A Happy Belated New Year!

I’m back to blogging and finally out of hibernation. The month of December was tremendously insane. Let’s recap: 5 Days as Juror on a Grand Jury Trial, Earned $20/day that week, Had 1 Week to Wrap Up 2 Weeks of Work and Finish Last Minute Gifts, plus Pack for 18 Days Away from Home, Traveled to 3 States, Celebrated 2 Christmases, 2 Birthdays, and 1 New Year’s Eve, Flew on 2 Planes, Went on 2 Long Car Drives, Spent a Total of 1 Day in my own bed during the 2 1/2 weeks away. After this, can you blame me for needing a vacation?

Now that my brain is finally thawed, I’d like to continue Anatomy of Clothes. It’s been well received and with your encouragement, it’ll keep evolving! Thank you for reading and sharing your comments. You are very much appreciated. (New look for 2012).

Anatomy of Clothes No. 3 - How-To Layer

Anatomy of Clothes No. 3, How-To Layer

Anatomy of Clothes No. 3 - How-To Layer

With the dreariness that is winter cold and gray, I’ve been resorting to the ever popular combo of skinny pants and boots–and so. sick. of. it. In an attempt to brighten up my day, I pulled out a Spring/Summer dress of the palest pink. To winterize this item, two layers of tights did the trick, a long knit cardigan, chunky scarf and wool coat. I felt like a sunset! This cardigan is really gorgeous, with a cascading neckline and many hues to pull from to inspire countless outfits. Seriously, it’s been my second skin since Christmas. The pale pink color, isn’t something that I would have considered wearing in the past, but paired with rich earth tones and black, it works. The combination of rugged boots with the soft tones and textures is unexpected. Pretty, but not too girly. The touches of gold accessories adds a bit of glam to the everyday.

I should be snuggling next to my honey, by a warm fire, sipping on hot apple cider, up in the snowy Oregon mountains, in a cabin, hidden within an enchanted forest. Yes, we have those here.

Anatomy of Clothes No. 4, How-To Wear Sweater as Scarf

Knit Cardigan – Gift from Mother-in-Law. She done good. I’ve been living in this thing. True story.

Pink Dress – Gap, Thrifted. $5
Black Wool Coat – Banana Republic, Thrifted. $10
Infinity Scarf – Christopher & Banks $7 (75% Off, Closing Sale). Soft like buttah.
Leather Boots – Aldo. Current go-to pair.
Gray Tights – Hue. Doubled up for winter warmth.
Belt – Vintage, Thrifted. $1
Earrings, Necklace, Ring – F21, Vintage, Thrifted