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Five Easy Steps to transform any sweater into a scarf. The idea came to me on an afternoon when I desperately wanted an infinity scarf in gray to finish my outfit, but had no such thing. About to settle for a gray sweater instead, as I was pulling it over my head, a light bulb went off. Isn’t an infinity scarf basically a loop of material? Thinking fast, I took a second look at my sweater and starting playing with it. Twisting, turning, tucking, knotting and Voila, finished in minutes! Anyone can achieve this look right now with items in their closet, ‘less you don’t wear clothes.

Anatomy of Clothes No. 4 - How to Wear a Sweater as Scarf

Anatomy of Clothes No. 4 - How to wear a sweater as scarf

1. Flip the sweater upside down, so the bottom is up and the front faces you. This is done so that the label remains hidden.

2. Create an opening to pull over your head, by gathering the material from the neck and bottom of the sweater–should be on the side facing you. You’ll start to see a draping effect. I like to roll the gathered material to keep it tidy on the back of my neck.

Anatomy of Clothes No. 4 - How to wear sweater as scarf

3. Once it’s around your neck, fluff the front to get the look you want and then pull the sleeves up so it sits nicely around the outer part of the drape.

Anatomy of Clothes No. 4 - How to wear a sweater as scarf

4. Twist each sleeve and make a knot behind your neck. Tuck it under, nice and neat. I like to pull the ends of the sleeves to the front, over my collar bone and tuck. This helps it stay put, too.

5. Fluff some more to finish the look.

Anatomy of Clothes No. 4 - How to wear a sweater as scarf

Other Tips To Achieve This Look

>>Choose a light-weight sweater with a wide neck, big enough to easily fit over your head. A v-neck work great, but cardigans, do too–just button it up and follow the same steps for draping.

>>This look can be worn year round! Experiment with long sleeve tops, chunkier knits, and even silky blouses. I’ll show you these alternatives in future posts.

>>Works best on non-collared necklines.

Is this something you’ll try? I’d love to see how you wear it. Share your links or tell me about it in the comments. Tell your friends and let’s start a movement!

>> Update Mar 2012: Check out my video tutorial here. Thank you! <<

Anatomy of Clothes 4 - How to wear a sweater as scarf

Knit Cardigan – Gift from Mother-in-Law.
Pale Pink Dress – Gap, Thrifted. $5
Black Moto Jacket – Flying Tomato, Buffalo Exchange
Yellow Sweater – J. Crew
Leather Boots – Aldo
Gray Tights – Hue. Doubled up for winter warmth.
Earrings, Necklace, Ring – F21, Vintage, Thrifted