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Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

Things are o’ cookin’ around these parts. Last week was a complete whirlwind. I interviewed for a job that I didn’t know I wanted until it became a real possibility. Back in December, at my Hubby’s encouragement, I applied for a creative management job on the whim. It sounded like a great opportunity, but after waiting a month with no word, it was business as usual–until they scheduled me for an interview last Tuesday.

Do What You Love - The Clothes We Wear - Silk Red Snakeskin Bow Blouse, Navy Skirt

Do What You Love - The Clothes We Wear - Silk Red Snakeskin Bow Blouse, Navy Skirt, Black Suede Platform Pumps, Chevron Tights

Red (Kinda, Sorta) Snakeskin Print Bow Blouse, Thrifted
Navy Skirt, Thrifted
Black Velvet Jacket, Vintage Thrifted
Belt, Vintage Thrifted
Chevron Tights, Target
Black Suede Pumps, Jessica Simpson via Marshall’s
Jewelry – Ring, Thrifted; Earrings, Target

The interview went well because the very next morning, they called to schedule a second Interview, to meet the team on Friday. They also had candidates complete a design assignment (which is based on a typical project). Things went very well both meetings and I’m excited with the results of my design project, yet I have no idea whether this will work out. Everyone I’ve met has been great and the kind of people I would truly enjoy working with. It’s one of those opportunities that seems so right in every possible way and if I say anything about it, it’ll escape. All I know is that I did my very best–and that is all that can be done. I started 2012 with eyes-wide-open and it’s shaping up to be a terrific year.

Do what you love.

This is resonating with me today more than ever.

I’ve worked tremendously hard to grow my career and it’s become ever clearer where it needs to go. If this doesn’t work out, I’ll at least be one giant leap closer, in the right direction!

Waste not another minute. Get out there this week and do something you really enjoy–whether it be for work or play.

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